In order to change your Life, you must first change your Mindset

This must be an intentional act that only you can do. I provide proper tools and resources needed; to create a strategic plan of action to be implemented by You. #MINDSETMATTERS

What I Do

 It’s my Purpose, my Passion, and my Truth… anyone can Encourage YOU, I AM Equipped to Empower YOU!

I Coach.

I support you in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance.  I Encourage and Empower so YOU can Evolve

I Speak.

I believe that words have life, we give them power.  Words have power we give them Life.  Using my words to empower globally is something that I don’t take lightly. I am always honored to Speak Life wherever I go.

I Write.

Often times what is needed for you to evolve into your truth has to be written.  I do this through Ebooks, journals, and courses… 


I understand that you feel you are at a crossroads.  Unsure of which way to go… I am simply a phone call away. Schedule your Connection Call Today…

My E-Books & Courses

As a Certified Life Coach I believe in providing the proper tools and resources needed for you to succeed. 


“I took the Mindset Matters course a few months ago, not only did these tools change my Mindset; I am more in control of my life, I have graduated from one level to the next.  The value of this course will NOT depreciate like a car. Because… “MINDSET MATTERS” is an “INVESTMENT”!”

Sandy P

My Story

Latisha Anderson has encouraged a lot of women in her life.

Having emerged from a difficult upbringing of abuse and self-doubt, the Florida native empower others through her testimony and story.  But looking at the mirror one day, she realized that she hadn’t embraced that encouragement and empowerment in her own life. “Staring myself in the face, I truly saw myself for the first time, and the inspiration hit in a moment.  I had to embrace my own UGLY if I wanted to train others to move on from traumatic experiences.”

While many people teach you to move away from pain, Latisha teaches people to embrace it. “In order to embrace something, you have to bring it in close, really deal with it,” she shares. “I help people to authentically feel pain so they can finally rise above it. “

As A Life Coach, I am trained to Equip you to Embrace Your truth… Walk in your Purpose… & succeed in Freedom.