I Encourage and Empower so you can Evolve​.

L.L. Anderson Coaching

In order to change your Life, you must First change your Mindset 

Mindset change is an intentional act only you can do.  I will provide you with tools, resources, and a strategic plan of action to be implemented by you.  Often times in life we know that a change must take place but not sure of where or how to start. Let me show you how.

L.L. Anderson Coaching

Why A Life Coach

Why A Life Coach

• The fact that you are on this page lets me know that you are seeking direction, clarity, and focus.

• You are at a crossroads and need a clear direct path

• You want to change your life but you are not sure how or where to start

• You need a strategic plan of action, that you will implement

• You need someone to show you a different view of looking at your life


Queens Empower Queens

These session are unique in the way the are designed.  Many of us have Girls night out, or weekend getaways. With our Queens Empower Queens Session we have a special location designed to meet your needs for a weekend full of Encouragement and Empowerment, while having fun and relaxing!  Call or Email for pricing.

Private Session

Our Private session can take place anywhere.  Many people don't like the look and feel of an office.  So we are able to set up our session in locations that are not so traditional.  Book your consultation today.

Group Session

 We are always honored to Empower young Kings & Queens through out the globe.  If this is something you would be interested in for Schools, youth groups, conferences, group homes, and detention centers just to name a few. Simply Call for pricing and availability.


L.L. Anderson Coaching

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Latisha Anderson 

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Having emerged from a difficult upbringing of abuse and self-doubt, the Florida native empowers others through her testimony and story...

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