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Using specific strategies and skills, a coach helps you define yourself and create the life you envision.  A coach helps you focus, provide clear direction, while challenging, supporting, motivating, and celebrating you.  A coach helps you create a plan with details steps of action and holds you accountable for follow-through.  **Coaches DO NOT counsel or analyze the past**

Life Coaching is based on the principle that the client has the natural ability to determine and achieve their goals.

Everything is based on forward movement, which is to have the ability to evolve and grow.  The skills used by a Life Coach includes observing, listening intently, asking empowering questions, challenging and provoking the drive in you.  As your Life Coach, I will not simply Encourage You, but I will Empower You!

Latisha L. Anderson

Latisha Anderson has encouraged a lot of women in her life.

Having emerged from a difficult upbringing of abuse and self-doubt, the Florida native empowers others through her testimony and story. But looking at the mirror one day, she realized that she hadn't embraced that encouragement and empowerment in her own life. "Staring myself in the face, I truly saw myself for the first time. And the inspiration hit in a moment. I had to embrace my own UGLY if I wanted to train others to move on from traumatic experiences."

While many people teach you to move away from pain, Latisha teaches people to embrace it. "In order to embrace something, you have to bring it in close, really deal with it," she shares. "I help people to authentically feel pain so they can finally rise above it. "

UGLY is an acronym, which stands for Unique, Genuine, Love, & (simply) You. Now a Certified Life Coach and motivational speaker, Anderson guides women and men in the process of dealing with and releasing the pain which is holding them back in life. But it doesn't end there - by the end of her sessions, she is challenging women to draw up a plan of action to bring their dreams into reality. In this way, she works towards empowering them, not just motivating them in the moment. And she cheers for them every step of the way. "If a person does not take back their authority, their right to envision and bring to fruition their own dreams - they have not been empowered. They were simply encouraged." she shares. "We empower people to act and succeed."

Teaching you to see stepping stones, and not stumbling blocks.

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