Go Beyond What You See

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If at this very moment I was to think of the things that have transitioned in my life in the past month, I should be crying, screaming, depressed, and everything in between.  As some of you may know my Husband and I became caregivers for my 92-year-old grandmother.  This position and transition in our lives has impacted every area you can think of because she requires more of my time, then I was told that was needed.

Having to place your career and passion on hold to take care of someone you love sounds good, but truth be told it can also cause you to build up resentment.  Literally this weekend was to be our family get away and the Caregiver we hired was to come and relieve us.  Well long story short, we are not able to have our weekend get away.  If I can be honest and transparent for a moment; I was ANGRY to say the least!!! I was so looking forward to just time with my husband and our sons,, but that will not happen the way we planned it.

So while in the mist of my tantrum last night, I stopped and begin to meditate, I spoke my empowerment slogan to myself “Everything I Need, Comes to Me!”  As I stated this over and over, peace came to me, I started to go beyond what I thought I saw to see it for what is was.  I chose not to worry all night about something that I had no way of changing, and decided to handle it this way.

My Grandmother is living a long and blessed life, she has more days behind her then in front.  Every moment I get to spend with her is a treasure, to say the least.  So I went Beyond What I saw to embrace the most valuable thing we all poses and that’s Time!!! I will never get this time with her again, so why not enjoy each and every moment I have with her.  Am I tired?  yes, are my emotions all over the place? yes, what I trade any of the this time with her, no I would not!

Sometime we allow our thoughts to carry us away, and create outcomes to things that have yet to play out.  We create endings to stories that are in all honesty… to be continued…

Going Beyond What You See, is not always easy.  Learn to do so because, it will give you a better view of your now, while giving you time to reflect on your NOW!!

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