Grandma is Sick; Husband has a Warrant!!

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Life sometimes makes it hard to stay focused on the target at hand.  So I decided to share a story of my current situations, On Monday  May 1,  I got a call from my mother stating that the Police was at my house with a warrant for my husband.  Her statements had me confused to say the least.  Once I had returned home, I was informed that the warrant had been issued in a different county, August of last year.  The next few days were a whirlwind of reactions and responses to say the least.  Once speaking with lawyers and a Detective of the Leesburg Police Department, it was evident that my husband was a victim of Stole identity.  Which really means nothing, even with our evidence, because on Wednesday May 3rd @ 5:15 pm I had to surrender my Husband to the Tavares Jail.  He Walked in innocent (FACT), walked out a Criminal (on paper).  While he was in the Jail for like 3 hours, I was not sure how I really felt.

The part of the story that I left out is that on Wednesday April 26th, we became caregivers for my 92-year-old grandmother.  April 27 (Friday) around 11:30 pm we had to call the EMT to come pick her up because she was not feeling well, it was evident something was wrong.  I spent the next hours with her at the hospital, and around 1 am Saturday Morning they admitted her.  Guess what, April 28th I had an event that I had on the books for at least a month, and it was starting at 10 am.  With only about 1 hour of sleep, I get to my event to set up and prepare for the 20 people who had registered, well only 3 showed up.  Tired, exhausted, and some what upset I pressed through.  On Sunday around 5:30 pm my Grandmother had been discharged and returned back to our home.

Monday May 1, we find out my Husband has a warrant!!!!

This is just a an insight that as life continues to move forward good, bad, ugly, and indifferent, one thing must remain and that is your focus.  I stayed as calm as I could in these situations, this was not easy.  I have learned over the year that your reaction and response to something will determine the help and assistance you may or may not receive.  Because while trying to find out what was going on with my husband, I was getting information from persons that did not have to tell me anything.  Because I spoke to those who chose to believe and even stated that my husband had committed the crime with respect, they had to help and not even understand why.  I learned to speak that everything I need comes to me, and it does.   Learning that on this highway of life you will have many stops and distractions along the way, but stay focused.  Do not be afraid to stop and take a rest.  Sometimes you may need to reroute yourself.  Know that this is okay, allow room for adjustments.  I had to stay positive while watching my husband go through this, (still going through this) and yet we are still able to speak life.  Remember Words have Power, We give them LIFE…..

Of course there is much more to these stories and as the minutes continue to move forward and the hours turn into days, I chose to say focused and positive, everyday is not easy, I still get upset at times, yet I speak with ALL boldness and authority that Greater is here and that my husband will be made whole.

As for my grandmother, the assistance that she needed before she moved with me, she was unable to receive, yet everything she needed, she now receives….. Life sends all kind of obstacles your way, you can see them as stumbling blocks or stepping-stones, I chose stepping stones!!!!!  Stay focused on your target, prepare for rest, understand you may need to reroute and find a different path.  Know that some new paths may be shorter or longer, enjoy the view and just let life do what it do!!

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