Just an At Home Mom

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Just an At Home Mom!!!  When people would ask me what I did for a living I would say “I am a At Home Mom” and they would look at me as if that was not work.  Some would even say “I wish I could just sit a home all day with my kid!”   I would think to myself what At Home Mom just sits ALL DAY with their KIDS?  What must people may not know or even understand is that, that is not what At Home Moms Do!!!  There where, and still are days I wish I could just sit with my Kids All Day.  Guess what that is not FACT.

I home-school our boys, so that makes me Teacher, Principle, Counselor, and Coach. I drive them where they need to go, that makes me Uber Driver.  I cook most meals, so that makes me Cook.  I am there when they are sick, so that makes me Nurse & Doctor.  I have to watch video game moves and listen to new ideas and  concepts, so that makes me Friend.  This is just a minor list of the things At Home Moms do.

If I were to include all things household related to my day it would make me an accountant, banker, lover, wife, best friend, and so much more.  I have learned over the years that many at Home Mothers feel bad as if they are not contributing to the household.  I have come to open your eyes to the truth, you may not know Day care, after school care, uniforms, and so much more can add up.  So for many households, the second income is just to cover those expenses.  So if you are able to stay at home and enjoy your child’s journey, do just that!  I love knowing that I got to see most if not all of their first.  I love knowing that I taught them to read. I love that I am able to take field trips as we see fit.  I love teaching them to cook, count, and read all at the same time.  I have learned that this position of being an At Home Mom has given me time to Embrace so many aspects of our sons lives.  So the next time someone ask you what is that you do simply reply with all Grace, Power and Authority.. I Am A At Home Mom 

Remember many parents wish they could do what We do, that they could sit and enjoy their children through out the day.  So we have a very blessed position and should never feel like we are not contributing to the household!!! To All At Home Moms and Dads too!!! Celebrate your Position and contribution knowing that for so many inconsistency in life, your ability to be present gives your Seed POWER and LOVE!

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