As life continues to move forward we must understand that at some point there is an element missing.  As for the definition of the word Element there are a few, *a part or aspect of something abstract; *any of the 4 substances air, water, fire, and earth; *the state or sphere natural or suited to a person or thing.  When one states they are in their element, that is the place they are most comfortable or confident.  However for many of us the Missing element is the KEY to getting from day to day, trying not to break from the elements that LIFE can blow and bring our way.  Yes just like nature can bring air, water, fire, and earth which has the ability to change minute by minute.  Yet you learn to adjust to it, as much as you can.

See for most of us PEACE is the Missing Element, I speak of that PEACE that surpasses ALL understanding, even your own.  Learning to embrace the elements of life, meaning the good, bad, ugly, and indifferent.  Learning to not allow your emotions to control your responses and reactions, as you try to understand the elements at hand.  PEACE is the one thing (element) that we ALL desire and yet clearly are not sure how to obtain.  Many of us have been taught that if we except Christ, that PEACE will surly come, we have learned quickly that, that is not a true statement.  Some say staying away from all things Negative will surely give you PEACE, yet you still have yet to obtain true PEACE.

PEACE is a state of mind, learning to embracing the things you cannot change, like your past…. Acknowledging the things you can change, and applying the work to do so; As well as accepting the fact that in all honesty you cannot control the outcome of the Element of LIFE…. The first word in the definition of PEACE is FREEDOM, and you must understand that the only true FREEDOM you can obtain is in your MIND!  Learning to renew it daily, speak those things that be not as though the were, learning to be quick to listen and slow to speak….these are just a few ways to Obtain PEACE, disturbances happen all around us day by day.  Keeping the mindset of growth is hard to do, yet a must if you desire to Obtain true PEACE!!

So I speak PEACE, I walk in PEACE, I talk in PEACE, & accept all the comfort that comes with True PEACE.  The fact is true PEACE is obtainable, however must of us are not willing to do the work needed to embrace PEACE.  You will NEVER have PEACE if your mind is not Free!  Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life!

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